"Flaunt" (Peacock)

"Life in Flight" is a reflection of a personal journey through my life, from past to present and to future.  The peacock represents our young selves dressing up, showing our feathers and - whether consciously or not - trying to find a mate.  The satisfaction when someone takes notice and the endorphins that are released contribute to the appetite for attention even further.  The peacock was created with 8 models and took 12 hours to complete.  

Photographer - Dave Matthews

Models - Charlie Dean, Sarah Howell, Poppy, Roxy Grubb, Kaylie Morgan, Kirstie Marr, Ellie Jones, Rose Hooke


"Infatuation" (Hummingbird)

This piece really signifies the draw towards the next stage in your life.  The moment when you want more than just attraction, you want something bigger, better and more meaningful.  I love the position of the Hummingbird's beak, it's part of the bird but it's made up from an arm reaching out from the Honeysuckle, drawing it in to the nectar.  It suggests that although the beak is part of the bird, there are external forces at work making the temptation of the nectar instinctive.  

Photographer - Jim Johnston

Models - Gemma Tidball, Lorna Thomas, Emily Gardiner, Tamlyn Haddock, Lisa George, Harriet Brine, Lorena Fernandez, Caroline Churchill, Kate Older, Hannah Johns, Toni Balmforth, Chloe Borg


"Intimacy" (Lovebirds)

 It was paramount to me that this piece was as authentic as possible, the love and contentment between the two models had to be legitimate to really get the point across that they are comfortable and at ease in each other's company.  Danny and Sophie are real life Lovebirds.  The companionship and communication between them is beautiful and this is obvious in the piece.  They enjoy the stable and loving support of friends and family (the tree branch) and life is good because they have each other.

Photographer - Jim Johnston

Models - Sophie Cooper, Danny Cox, Laurie Maylon



"Handle with Care" (Stork)

One of the most momentous events of our life is the arrival of our children, the journey on which we embark is life-changing, exciting and beautiful.  At the time of the shoot I had just discovered I was pregnant so it really was a piece that connected with me on a personal level. A baby is carried, supported, nourished and cared for by a woman's body alone from the moment of conception until the date of it's birth, so the fact that the bundle of material in this image is a woman's body is pertinent.

Photographer - Jim Johnston

Models - Clare Goode, Nadine Gillespie, Sarah Martin, Alice Newton, "Baby O"


"Nurture" (Starlings)

The time we spend with our children is time we should always cherish.  Nurturing our young and ensuring their safety, nutrition, education and well being is imperative in setting them up for a bright future.  The nest is made up of the hair of the three baby starling models who were sprayed and pinned together for the duration of the photoshoot.  This piece is a reminder to be the best parents we can be in supporting our children in their journey through life.

Photographer - Jim Johnston

Models - Sarah Martin, Tessa Robinson, Sophie Cooper, Rebecca Simpson


"First Flight" (Macaw)

We have a responsibility to guide our young through the start of their lives so they are well equipped to spread their wings when the time comes to fly the nest. This piece represents a Mother's love and mother nature both watching the first flight of a young Macaw.  It's an example of showing support and all the while stepping back and letting go so your children can find their way on their own.  

Photographer - Jim Johnston

Model - Sarah Martin