Bristol based body painting artist Kate Spinks Dean has launched an incredible new collection entitled ‘Life in Flight’.

The collection is designed as a journey through our adult life with birds representing the various stages of this.

Spinks wanted to release a high quality body of works which would push her abilities and take her out of her comfort zone.  

The ideas from the images come from all sorts of places. Spinks spent a lot of time thinking about body shapes and contours and looking at images of birds to see if something clicked.  An idea has to have a certain element of a Eureka moment for it to work.  Spinks never thinks "I want to paint an owl, how do I do that?" She look at the images and decides if she can picture the shapes of a human form into it. 

Another important issue for Spinks is that she wants the images to have messages and meanings in them.  Messages of love, bearing children and raising a family are prevalent issues in her life at the moment as she is expecting her first child in July, she wanted the images to represent the different stages of her life and experiences of it so far.  

Spinks says “The peacock shows us as our young, single selves.  Putting on a show and trying to attract a mate.  We ultimately find our lovebird and spend time in love, sitting on a perch and enjoying each other's company.  That is until the sweet smell of the nectar of family life draws us in like a Hummingbird to the Honeysuckle and tempts us to take the relationship to the next step.  A little while later and Voila! there's a baby on the way (via Stork, of course) and the next thing you know there are three tiny mouths to feed and lots of work to do to keep these hungry babies fed.  Finally the babies grow up and fly the nest  and the cycle continues."

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